Someone Has A Littering Problem • Point Loman

Today Point Loman picked up one bag full of litter along its regular weekly route in Roseville, this time 2.71 miles. The usual suspects were picked up off the streets (please read the previous posts if you’re new). In particular, there was an abundance of beer, wine and liquor containers this go-round. Unfortunately, we suspect a good number of these are open container drinking and driving based on their pickup locations.

It is odd when there are piles of plastics as shown in the image. No, this isn’t a staged photo. This is as we found it. Perhaps people find it much more convenient to remove collections of trash from of their vehicle onto parking lots, green spaces, sidewalks, roads and medians rather than simply throwing them away in trash and/or recycling bins nearby or at home.

Point Loman trash cleanups are supported by I Love A Clean San Diego, which provides free supplies for public cleanups.