Flossin' 'n Tossin' • Point Loman

Yesterday Point Loman picked up one bag full of litter on a 3-mile route in Roseville and Shelter Island. The usual suspects were picked up. But this time there seemed to be more of those over-engineered plastic floss picks… because bacteria in your car, eww. Seriously, please keep the bacteria and plastic in your car until you can responsibly discard it in a trash can. Thank you.

Happy to report that a dollar bill was found during the trash cleanup. If you’d like to drop more cash, I’ll gladly pick it up. Or, you can visit our store and buy some Point Loma gear — stickers, flags, caps, beanies, t-shirts and hoodies are available.

Point Loman trash cleanups are supported by I Love A Clean San Diego, which provides free supplies for public cleanups.