Fast Food Litter & Trash-Filled Homeless Camps • Point Loman

Today Point Loman filled one bag full of litter on a 1.43-mile route in Roseville that was almost exclusively along Keats St and high-traffic Nimitz Blvd.

There was a lot of litter from fast foot establishments. Paper and plastic. Lots.

There are several homeless camping sites that had an overwhelming amount of trash… and human waste too. There are two very dirty camping sites in particular, which happen to be on the same block — The Consulate Hotel (2901 Nimitz Blvd) and Pacific Western Bank (1661 Rosecrans St).

Bus stops are also litter magnets despite trash cans being just feet away. Of course, this could be the result of illegal scavenging, which is another reason such laws should be enforced.

Point Loman trash cleanups are supported by I Love A Clean San Diego, which provides free supplies for public cleanups.