It's Becoming A Regular Route • Point Loman

Yesterday Point Loman picked up one bag full of litter on a 2-mile route in our Maritime Wonderland that is Point Loma. Picking up litter along North Harbor Drive and Scott Street has become a regular due to the consistent litter and proximity to Americas Cups Harbor, San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean.

The usual suspects were picked up: coffee, soda pop, energy drink, beer and liquor cups, cans and bottles; chewing tobacco tins and cigarette butts and boxes; fast food bags, napkins, wrappers, plastic utensils, lids and straws; and an assortment of discarded personal belongings from overnight campers and the unwoke.

The Port of San Diego parking lots bordering North Harbor Drive have become camping and littering grounds. Despite frequently reporting issues to the Port of San Diego, it has been slow to non-responsive to pick up litter… and human waste.

Unfortunately, there was a gas spill in Americas Cup Harbor yesterday. Thankfully, cleanup appeared to be prompt and port officials were on site to investigate and monitor the situation.

Point Loman trash cleanups are supported by I Love A Clean San Diego, which provides free supplies for public cleanups.