Roaring loud as ten thousand strong sailors, Poseidon thunders.

Sky’s hue turns blackest of blue, deep thunder claps, big bolts of fire flashing.

Fishermen harboring quite risky plot hoist sails for epic expedition.

Fearful, they wear masks to ward off sea ruler’s wrath eternal.

Diving past gems and coral, Poseidon’s aquatic palace appears.

Sneaking into his cellar, mortals steal immortal’s ambrosia and nectar.

Surfacing, boarding with grins, but jars and jugs will not unseal.

Realizing trouble, fraught with worry, they set sail in a hurry.

On the horizon riding the storm, see sea-chariot, hippocampi-drawn.

Trident in hand, Poseidon swipes seashore before they reach land.

After carving a harbor he pierces boat and men in dark water.

Hill Point appears from the earthquake made by his spear, now marks immortal treasure:

Thirty-two point seven.

Terrence J. BartheL ©2019